I welcome Conrad’s <a href="http://sryxori.com">rertun</a> because I have always felt that a “very nasty, hateful” Liberal PM engineered all of his problems. It is all so obvious to anyone who has followed that it beggars belief.My continuing “hope” is that Conrad, in time, “jails” this Liberal idiot.“God how I wish” and in my tiny mind that is only a matter of forgiveness which I am certain Conrad is not full of this day. I wouldn't be.Today, it's Payback and the game is afoot.I wish Black well as what goes around comes around and Liberal anal sphincters begin to seize up. I suggest they all start drinking prune juice because they are going to need it if I have this correct.Prune juice works .No telling what comes out the back end .Liberal bullshit probably. Goodnight.